Machine Gun / Shooting Adventures

Arizona Outdoor Fun Barrett .50BMG

Machine Gun / Shooting Adventures

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3 Hour ATV/UTV Ride & Shoot Combo Adventure

The Ride & Shoot Combo Tour is the true Arizona experience. Explore the beautiful trails of the Sonoran Desert by ATV or UTV and become an expert on a wide variety of firearms at our outdoor shooting range with specialized training from your NRA-Certified Instructor.

Included ammo:

  • Glock 17 - 16 rounds
  • AR-15 - 30 rounds
  • AK-47 - 15 rounds


Full-Auto Machine Guns

For those who want to take things to the next level, experience our NEW Machine Gun Adventure! Take aim with your choice of authentic, fully-automatic firearms under the close supervision of highly-trained Machine Gun Instructors! 

Available as upgrades to the Combo Tour or an adventure all on it's own!

  • M4 Carbine 
  • AK-47 Rifle
  • MP5 Submachine Gun
  • Browning 1919 BELT-FED


On-Site Shoot | Outdoor Shooting Range

Want to skip the off-roading and get straight to the firearms? Just finished your Guided Tour and still want to shoot a machine gun before you leave? This activity is great for those who have already completed or are wanting to exclude the ATV/UTV off-roading portion of our tours. 


Additional firearms and ammo available upon request:

  • Barrett M82A1 .50 Cal Sniper Rifle
  • FN P90 Submachine Gun
  • Desert Eagle .50 caliber pistol
  • Tannerite EXPLODING target (1/2 pound, Combo tour only!)
  • And more!


All fully automatic firearms and machine gun adventures are supplied and supervised by Range Day Tactical Therapy LLC, a fully licensed 07/SOT FFL.

*We are constantly updating our arsenal with new upgrades - Call for details!

Pricing & Details

3 Hour ATV/UTV Ride & Shoot Combo

$320/person for ATV (single seater only)
$320/person for 2 passenger UTV
$287/person for 3 passenger UTV
$270/person for 4 passenger UTV

*UTV has 2 person minimum

    Shooting Adventures Only

    Machine Gun Shoot/Upgrade | 15 - 30 minutes:
    $40.00 - $80.00 per magazine - No minimum!

    Additional upgrades available- please call for details

    • Ask about our Private Tours
    • Shooting competitions and team-building available for groups of up to 70 - call for info
    • Hotel drop off for Phoenix and surrounding area available- call for pricing
    • Includes: Safety gear & water
    • Sales tax and gratuity not included
    • 2 person minimum

    72-hour cancellation policy. Must be at least 7 years of age to shoot. We recommend that anyone with a heart condition, chronic back problem or pregnant consult your physician. Required attire: No open-toed shoes, dresses or skirts. Target/Skeet Shooting Adventures lead by Arizona Outdoor Fun Adventures. Machine guns supplied and supervised by Range Day Tactical Therapy LLC. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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